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Appleton Greene

London UK

“I met an Appleton Greene Learning Provider while working on a project with a previous employer. He suggested that I should try to register as an Accredited Senior Consultant given my qualifications and experience. He was personally outsourcing quite a lot of work to other consultants that were registered with Appleton Greene and I was particularly impressed by just how organized everything was and how well prepared these consultants were. I applied and my application was approved 3 months later. I then learned why everyone was so well prepared. I spent the first few months developing my service offerings and after several submissions I finally had my client information guide approved. This was a thought provoking process and forced me to ask some serious questions about what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. I then understood how clients would measure value with me and why I would succeed. I started receiving my first consultancy assignments a month later and they were precisely what I was looking for. I have worked with Appleton Greene for 7 years now and have consistently achieved good quality business during that time. I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do and plan on continuing with this until retirement.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in London in the United Kingdom. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Paris FR

“Appleton Greene is a very professional organization that has served me well during the past 12 years. I have a very specific service offering which I refer to as Global Partnering and I focus on companies within the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. I am an Accredited Executive Consultant and I am also now a Certified Learning Provider. I earned a living exclusively in my capacity as an Accredited Executive Consultant for 3 years before I became a Learning Provider, but I still maintain my AEC status because I enjoy consulting and have a healthy balance of corporate training and consultancy clients now. My consultancy clients amounts to less than 10% of my overall income because you earn far more as a CLP, but I like to keep my hand in. Everyone connected with Appleton Greene has been a delight to work with and I have made many friends. Although Appleton Greene operates internationally, they are still a small and tightly managed business and this is reflected in the way the company feels when you deal with them. Clients always say the same.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Paris in France. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Lyon FR

“I was attracted to Appleton Greene’s impressive client list and the client testimonials gave me a good feel for how the company operates. The cost was small and the processes were well conceived. It has been a very rewarding experience for me and I have achieved financial independence as a result of the business that I have received through Appleton Greene. It has allowed me to spread my wings and to work in industries and locations that were new to me. I have learned so much and have really enjoyed my work. The staff are very helpful and always respond within given time frames. I always feel that I am moving forward and making progress one step at a time.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Lyon in France. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Berlin DE

“A very good company to deal with. Appleton engages clients through their learning providers and uses an indirect approach to business development, which clients seem to appreciate. It is a very low key sales process. Client retention rates are really good, the standard contract period with all consulting services is 1 year but I have retained my clients for up to 4 years on average and longer in some cases. I translate my services so that they are available in English, German and French, but I am still campaigning for a German Appleton web site! Everything is regularly updated, though so I always feel fresh when I am providing services to clients and the support has always been good. “

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Berlin in Germany. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Munich DE

“I wanted to start a consultancy servicing the Automotive industry and when I was looking into Appleton Greene & Co they were already servicing most if not all of the clients that I wanted to target myself, so they appeared to be well placed to be able to help me. Once I had designed my Product Innovation consulting service it was forwarded out to clients within the Automotive industry and the response was positive and immediate. I started working on projects with other consultants and learning providers within my second month and things have progressed nicely from there. I am still only in my second year with Appleton Greene but I have already achieved all of my personal targets. Apart from working directly with manufacturers, I am also working with some suppliers and even a Formula 1 racing team! I am not a sales person and just want to focus my attention on consulting, so an affiliation with Appleton Greene is the perfect business partnership for me.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Munich in Germany. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Brussels BE

“Most of my work evolves around the public sector, including the European Commission, various Governments and the World Economic Forum. My service is Policy Development and I therefore have a very specific specialist subject and target market. Much of my work comes from introduction from my current clients, but like everyone I still need to develop new business from time to time. Appleton Greene was an obvious choice for me because they too focus on specialists rather than generalists and were already doing business within my market space. There was also a strong emphasis on consulting service profiling, which I felt comfortable with. All of my new business now comes through Appleton Greene. I particularly like the way Appleton Greene provides clients with optional service entry levels. This encourages them to start at a level where they feel comfortable, the Bronze service for example and then they can upgrade to the Silver, Gold, or Platinum services when they are ready to do so and this allows them time to get used to working with me and provides me with the opportunity to show them what I can do.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Brussels in Belgium. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Madrid ES

“I always liked Appleton Greene consultants when working with them at my Employer’s company. They were always relaxed, well prepared and really seemed to enjoy what they did. I suffered with a personal accident, which meant that I could no longer travel to work and had to look for opportunities to work from home. I knew that Appleton Greene had consultants who attended the client’s premises and consultants who also worked from home, so I contacted them to see what my options were. They were very supportive with me and allowed me to be considered for any opportunities where I could work from home, given my disability. Appleton Greene empowered me to regain my personal pride and self-respect and to earn a comfortable living for me and my family again. I work within the financial service industry and have been involved in a variety of different performance improvement services over the years. If you are looking for a good business partner with strong ethics and a warm heart, then I would certainly recommend Appleton Greene.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Madrid in Spain. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Barcelona ES

“As a woman in consulting, it is not always easy to be noticed for the right reasons. As with any professional, I want to be recognized for my ability as a consultant and for my achievements. The wonderful thing about Appleton Greene is that they market services, not individual consultants. Detailed outline plans of all services are provided to clients and four optional service entry application forms, so in most cases clients will already have made their decision about your service, even before they know who you are. This ensures that all consultants are operating on a level playing field, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, or physical appearance. As consultants, our services succeed or fail based on their own merits, which is how it should be and Appleton Greene is the only company that I am aware of that does this. Appleton Greene has therefore opened doors to me that would never otherwise have been available to me and I have established a professional reputation based upon my ability and achievements, not just in Spain, but throughout Europe as a whole.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Barcelona in Spain. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Rome IT

“It is said that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain here in Rome, then it is ensured that you will return to Rome someday. I believe the same to be true of Appleton Greene. I have paid their annual membership fee for the past 6 years consistently and I have always achieved consultancy assignments every year in return. However, whereas the Trevi Fountain theory is based entirely upon myth, the success that I have achieved with Appleton Greene has been based upon something far more logical. They employ the services of some 750 learning providers internationally who each service a minimum of 10 clients, so 7,500 in total. All of the training programs they implement are process-orientated, which means that projects are generated by learning providers as the programs that are being implemented with clients. These projects are outsourced by learning providers to Appleton Greene Accredited Consultants to ensure continuity. There are only around 500 Accredited Consultants worldwide and demand therefore probably outstrips supply. If you quickly do the math here you will see why. I personally receive at least one service order every month. So, while the reasons for my success at Appleton Greene are perfectly logical to understand, it still feels magical to me.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Rome in Italy. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Milan IT

“I am a firm believer in the fact that people drive processes, but that processes motivate people. History has taught us that if people are provided with good leadership and a good process to follow, then they will feel a sense of purpose and belief. I have always felt that I have been following a process at Appleton Greene. Not only are their processes well planned, but they are well executed and regularly updated. After 4 years I still feel that I am on the next part of a predetermined journey. Of course my service and consulting practice has very much evolved during that time, but my membership with Appleton Greene has kept me on track and moving forward. I like structure and respond well to detailed preparation. It helps me to avoid having to think on my feet and to have to try and make things up as I go along. It makes for a far more enjoyable and more relaxed consulting experience for both me and my clients. We all need things that are reliable in our lives and particularly in business. Appleton Greene has been mine.

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Milan in Italy. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Vienna AT

“Vienna is a vibrant city with a tremendous historical culture spanning centuries. I have lived here for 5 years and registered as a consultant with Appleton Greene & Co shortly after my arrival with my partner. I wanted to immerse myself within the local community here but I felt that I needed an international organization to help provide me with work. At first all of my Appleton Greene consultancy service orders were for work that was to be done online, which suited me fine because it was generating a much needed income. However I continuously stressed my desire to work for companies or local offices that were located in Vienna and after about a year I started to receive some. I now work with about 8 companies continuously that have offices here in Vienna and still do some international online work as well. Appleton Greene’s approach to global localization has really helped me to achieve my goals and I have conquered both the local language and the cultural differences here. It has been a life changing experience for me to be able to live and work in a different country and one that I will cherish for ever.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Vienna in Austria. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Salzburg AT

“I live in Salzburg, but do most of my work over the border in Munich. I have been an Appleton Greene Accredited Executive Consultant for 6 years now and have worked within the Automotive, Aviation and Electronics industries during that time. I have a healthy balance of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum clients and my income is consistent. It has provided me with a healthy work-life balance and I work on average 4 days each week. I am not a particularly ambitions person and prefer to work to live and working with Appleton Greene provides me with the opportunity to do this. I have a wife and young family and it is important that I spend as much time with them as possible. With Appleton Greene, approximately 50% of my work is done at home, so I am only away from my family for 2 days per week. This I am comfortable with and I intend to continue with Appleton Greene as long as it is possible for me to do so.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Salzburg in Austria. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Stockholm SW

“Appleton Greene has been one of my better decisions. I started with them when I had just left my employment as a Banker and was looking for something different. My position as a Small Business Bank Manager gave me plenty of experience and understanding about the challenges facing small businesses and I wanted to put that experience to good use. I found Appleton Greene by accident and quickly realized that I needed to develop my skills and experience into a tangible service offering. This gave me great confidence that I had something of value to offer and Appleton Greene provided me with the companies to work with through their learning providers. Most of my work has been local or certainly within Scandinavia although I have had the occasional client in London and even one in New York, which was a bit of an adventure for me.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Stockholm in Sweden. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Oslo NO

“I joined Appleton Greene with a colleague who was located in Brussels. We have worked very much as a team and we are both now Accredited Executive Consultants at Appleton Greene. Our focus is Lean Management and we specialize in Manufacturing and Logistics. Our clients at Appleton Greene have always been medium-sized international corporations, which matches our experience and our association with Appleton Greene has provided us with a joint client portfolio of 18 companies. We are comfortable outsourcing business development because it is not one of our strengths. We prefer to focus all of our time on consulting and Appleton Greene has empowered us to do this. The support that we receive is very important and we always feel part of an international team. We have access to support, human resources and advice whenever we need them. “

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Oslo in Norway. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Copenhagen DK

“Applying for a position as an Accredited Associate Consultant was an easy decision for me to make. I had just left university with a business and economics degree and all of the jobs that I was being offered were not relevant to my skills. I did not want to start developing a CV which created the wrong impression about me. I wanted to be perceived as a professional consultant and Appleton Greene gave me the opportunity to do that. It was a slow start for me because I took longer than I should have done developing all of the required content and I was learning after all, but within a year I had established a respectable client list and was able to build from there. I was so lucky to come across Appleton Greene when I did. The cost of annual membership was something that I could pay without having to worry about it and all of the other costs (service and introduction fees) were deducted from my income at source, so it was very easy to manage. The Appleton Greene annual service fee is the only invoice that I pay with a smile on my face. A very good return on investment. “

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Copenhagen in Denmark. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Helsinki FI

“I was pleasantly surprised by Appleton Greene & Co. I was guided through a process which brought the best out in me over a sustainable period of time. I was able to develop a professional client information guide, which acts as a brochure and client companies are able to place service orders with you directly from this online information guide. While developing this it opened my eyes to just what I was able to achieve personally. Coming from a corporate background I just wanted some independence and the opportunity to earn a better income. The service fees that Appleton Greene charges clients seemed very reasonable to me and as a practicing CEO, I could understand why companies would buy these services. I have worked with Appleton Greene for just under 10 years now and have no complaints. They have always been there for me and I would not have established a successful consultancy without them.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Helsinki in Finland. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Amsterdam NL

“Thanks to Appleton Greene and in particular to Elizabeth Johnson, I have a viable consulting practice. I have never met Elizabeth, although I feel that I know her personally. She has been directly facilitating my whole Appleton Greene experience for me and while I am fully aware that there is hard work being done by many other able and willing support staff, Elizabeth has always been the enduring face of Appleton Greene for me. I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do with Appleton Greene and always feel as if I am part of the team. I have always received a steady flow of assignments and this has led me to travel extensively throughout Europe and beyond. A big thank you to everyone concerned.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Moscow RU

“Business is often unpredictable and unstable here in Russia, but we still have plenty of international companies to work with and Appleton Greene has provided me with open doors to work for some of them. It has been a lifeline for me personally and has provided me with much needed security during difficult economic times. Appleton Greene has also provided me with an international perspective, or frame of mind, which I believe is important for all people to have, regardless of the country they might live in. My relationship with Appleton Greene helps me to break down borders and barriers to success and ensures that I never feel isolated. I now have a significant client list of my own and have learned a lot from all of the companies, consultants and learning providers that I have worked with here.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Moscow in Russia. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Kiev UA

“Kiev has a rich culture which not many people realize and we also have many international companies that have offices or branches here. I have enjoyed working for many of these companies through Appleton Greene and am blessed with having this good experience. Appleton Greene trades internationally but operates locally through its consultants and learning providers and this provides companies with a coherent business strategy. I prefer long-term consultancy engagements and Appleton Greene’s contractual agreements with clients are for a minimum period of one year, which provides consultants with plenty of time to establish a mutually beneficial working relationship with companies. I never feel isolated and have developed many good working relationships with colleagues and friends.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Kiev in Ukraine. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Jersey CI

“I worked for a well known professional offshore service provider here in Jersey for many years as a lawyer and set up a family and home here. When I left my employer I wanted to remain here while doing something different. I felt like a new challenge but had no desire to travel or commute. I had no fixed idea about what I was going to do, but when I was invited to apply to Appleton Greene as an Accredited Consultant I started to form some ideas. The cost and risk was negligible and I thought that at the very least it would be a useful learning experience. The process of developing the client information guide was extremely challenging but left me with a clear idea of what I could do. I developed a suite of corporate legal services which enabled clients to be more proactive about avoiding legislation. These services included contract management, employee relations, business development practice, health and safety and corporate structure. All of the client engagements that I received specifically related to these areas and much if not all of the work I was able to do from home, so I was very satisfied. The ongoing service and support that I continue to receive from Appleton Greene is of a very high standard.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Jersey in the Channel Islands. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Monte Carlo MC

“I am an offshore corporate specialist, hence the reason why I base myself in Monaco. No I have not personally amassed millions of dollars, which needs to be protected from the tax man. I am actually resident just outside Monaco in France, but my own consulting company is registered here. I moved here after establishing a considerable client base with Appleton Greene, which afforded me the opportunity to broaden my horizons considerably. It has helped me being based in Monaco because many of my service orders that have been placed with Appleton Greene have come as a direct result of my unique location, which understandably attracts interest from a variety of different corporations wanting to reduce their corporation and tax liabilities. The fact that Appleton Greene has consultants in other offshore jurisdictions, such as Geneva, Zurich, Jersey, Luxembourg, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, helps because we have been able to operate as a team and draw upon specific local knowledge as and when required, while still benefiting from an established global brand.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Monte Carlo in Monaco. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Luxembourg City LU

“I joined Appleton Greene to explore any possible consulting opportunities that might be available to me. I am an offshore tax specialist, but I also provide services relating to corporate planning, corporate restructuring, globalization, business partnering and investment planning, so I tend to have a variety of consultancy clients with requirements across all of these service categories. Luxembourg is a very small country but it is at located at the heart of Europe and was one of the founding members of the EU. I am also the only Appleton Greene consultant in Luxembourg so my position here has generated much interest and many opportunities through Appleton Greene. I enjoy my work and it is important for me to feel part of a global team, which I always have at Appleton Greene. Appleton Greene is not prone to the usual political struggles which can hamper the larger consultancy firms and it has always remained true to its roots. A very personal and friendly company to deal with.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Luxembourg City in Luxembourg. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Warsaw PO

“I worked with Accenture for several years and really enjoyed the work. I learned how to implement their standard procedures and processes and learned how to interface with clients. It was good experience. However, I felt that I wanted to take things to the next level, to develop a service proposition of my own and to enhance my personal wealth opportunities. I was always going to be on a basic wage with Accenture and there were no opportunities for self-development. Appleton Greene gave me the opportunity to achieve my goals. I was initially attracted to them because they were first and foremost a corporate training company, rather than a consultancy and training was always at the core of the way that I wanted to implement my services. Their procedures for consulting service development are really good and I found the entire process logical and the support and feedback that I received was really helpful. They are also proactive about achieving new business and this has helped me to establish a viable company that I am proud of.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Warsaw in Poland. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Athens GR

“Greece has been going through a very challenging time during the past 10 years and it has become difficult for me to generate new consulting business. I did not want to relocate if at all possible because I wanted to be close to my family, but I felt I was going to have to look outside of our national borders if I was going to be able to develop new business. I am a very capable Project Manager, but sales and marketing are not areas in which I excel and I also feel uncomfortable selling myself. I am an introvert by nature. So, I needed to identify a business partner that could help to compensate for these shortcomings. Most of the companies that I reviewed were small consultancy companies that allowed you to register with them, but I could not understand how I was going to achieve business. I also looked at joining some associations but while they provided regulation and basic training, once again they did nothing to help you achieve business. Appleton Greene stood out as being very different to me. The cost of trying them out was small, they did not require any major investment and their business development process was very clearly defined and easy for me to understand. I liked the fact that they were trading internationally and the fact that they were a commercial training company rather than another consultancy register. It has enabled me to work mostly from home with established international companies, without having to relocate and I am always directly responsible to Learning Providers and have gained great experience from this. It has given me a new purpose in life and I have grown in confidence that I still have plenty to offer clients.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Athens in Greece. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Istanbul TR

“I joined Appleton Greene to gain exposure as a consultant without having to network. I am a private and professional person by nature. I love the work that I do and I am quite proficient at it but I am not particularly good at promoting myself. I felt comfortable with the way that Appleton Greene develops new business and the whole process appeared to have been developed with client companies in mind, so it is no wonder that clients respond so well to it. The consultancy assignments have been interesting and challenging and the opportunities for personal development are limitless.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Istanbul in Turkey. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Bucharest RO

“I have always worked within customer services mainly within retail consumer goods, retail banking and professional services. I have always been drawn to companies that appear to have business strategies that are consumer-led. This is certainly the case with Appleton Greene. They actually engage clients in the development of new services, which is a terrific way to achieve market feedback and commitment and if done properly this approach effectively eliminates the need for business development. Customer Service Improvement is always a Key Corporate Objective with companies, particularly those who rely upon customer retention and I have managed to develop a unique business process that empowers companies to achieve this. With the help of Appleton Greene, I have managed to develop a viable practice and have professional support and resources whenever I need them.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Bucharest in Romania. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Budapest HU

“I was introduced to Appleton Greene 15 years ago. They enabled me to develop and establish my own unique consulting services and have helped me to achieve new business as well. I would not have the successful consulting practice that I have today without the assistance and support of everyone at Appleton Greene.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Budapest in Hungary. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Sofia BG

“I learned about Appleton Greene when I visited an international conference in Geneva a few years ago. I was particularly impressed by their innovative approach to training and to global localization. I applied to join and was accepted as an Accredited Executive Consultant. My experience has been good and I have been able to develop services based upon my own skills and have packaged them in such a way that companies perceive benefits. I have developed a small portfolio of about 12 clients through Appleton Greene that I work with regularly now and this has helped me to dedicate all of my time to what is becoming a very interesting and fascinating career.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Sofia in Bulgaria. Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene

Venice IT

“I have always enjoyed consulting and the independence that it affords, but like most consultants I wanted to achieve more business continuity. I am comfortable with selling as and when it is required, but it is a time consuming and expensive process. I was interested in Appleton Greene because I saw them as possibly helping with the business development side of my practice, but I soon realized that I was going to have to re-evaluate the services that I was providing in order to benefit from their process. It was a very motivational experience and has allowed me to re-package my services in such a way as they can develop my business for me. I have always believed that a good product or service should sell itself, but it is not always easy to understand exactly how to achieve this, particularly with consulting services. Appleton Greene showed me how.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Venice in Italy. Appleton Greene

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